Mugs Games


You probably came here looking for Mugs Games releases and games in development, right? Click the banners for information about our games, or check out our recent blog posts from the menu.

Brikt is the game we’re currently developing – Anarchic Arkanoid! Bullet-Hell Breakout! Chaotic… er… damn you, alphabet!

Brikt by Mugs Games

Stroids is a retro-themed Asteroids mini-game, released in February 2014. Available through Itch.

Stroids by Mugs Games - free retro video game

Mugs Games Are…

We’re a UK-based indie games studio. I say studio only because that seems to be the term everyone uses. Really we’re a couple of guys who collaborate on game development projects, mostly with a nod to retro themes and styles.

You can follow us on Twitter, or even like us on Facebook if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

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